5 Indie Games to Keep an Eye On!

You’ve really gotta love just how far the indie scene has come in the past few years. There are a ton of under served markets out there that are just waiting for a game that can get away with a smaller budget and a boatload of passion.

And because there are so many of them out there, we’ll try and help you find some of the most interesting indie titles that you might not have heard of yet!

Speaking of… Here are the first 5 awesome-looking indie games to watch out for!

#1 – Monster Crown

Let’s call Monster Crown what it is: Pokemon for adults. And that’s kind of awesome. Not that adults can’t play Pokemon. It’s just that–oh, whatever. You get it.

I mean, and this is canon, there is a monster that gives its owner nightmares for abusing its ability to inflict incredible pain through dark magic. How cool is that?

On top of that, Monster Crown promises a fully developed breeding system that let’s you create actual variants of the parents, along with a dark and mysterious story.

If you are old enough to have played the original Gameboy Pokemon titles, get interested because of the nostalgia factor you’ll get from the graphics and music, but keep an eye on it for the updated systems and more mature feel. And make sure to check out the video for some sweet, sweet chiptunes!

Monster Crown’s tentative release date is February 2019. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter on April 10th! Follow them on Twitter for more information and updates.

#2 – Graveyard Keeper | Lazy Bear Games

This game looks… Crazy. And I love it.

Have you ever wanted to dig graves for a living? Do you get off on the idea of feeding people hotdogs tainted with HUMAN MEAT? Hey, sometimes that’s what it takes to turn a buck in a capitalist medieval fantasy land!

Graveyard Keeper looks fun and quirky, with some really gorgeous pixel art. Plus, you get a skull as a companion.

Graveyard Keeper is listed as up and coming, so check them out on Steam!

#3 – MageQuit | Bowlcut Studios

Inspired by the awesome bender battles from the Legend of Korra, MageQuit is shaping up to be a masterpiece of physics and fun. An explosive fireball comes your way, you shoot a gust of air to knock it off to the side, except it hits a different nearby foe who accidentally winds up hitting you with another spell!

It’s gonna be choreographed chaos and I can’t wait.

MageQuit is currently in Early Access on Steam. Check out their Steam page and twitter for more information!

#4 – Depth of Extinction | HOF Studios

Depth of Extinction is a tactical RPG, with a dash of roguelike tossed in. And I’ve gotta say–it looks pretty damned cool. Set in an underwater world, you need to build up your squad and defend humanity from an overwhelming enemy. And with procedural environments, a ton of weapons, armors and skills, this game could keep us occupied for hours and hours!

I’ve got a feeling that for those of us who really enjoyed the new Shadowrun games or Fallout 1/2, this is going to be gem!

Check it out on Steam and Twitter.

#5 – Children of Morta | Dead Mage Inc


A charming twist on a familiar formula, Children of Morta offers diablo-like gameplay, with a bit of heart. Gone is the lone, gritty protagonist, replaced by the large and loving Bergson family–a band of heroes who have been protecting Mount Morta for generations.

The basics of the story are pretty straight forward–a corruption comes to the mountain and throws their life and land into disarray. Now, the Bergson family must use their gifts and the love they share to drive evil from the land.

It’s an interesting take that I personally haven’t seen before in the modern gamescape. Pair that with a great soundtrack so far and some amazing pixel art and you have a recipe for success in 2018.

Check out their Steam page!

Remember, guys!

One of the best things you can do to help support your local indie devs is to simply like and follow them on social media, add them to your wishlist/follow them on steam, and help spread the love <3

We’ll catch you guys next time with some more awesome indie games to check out!


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