Is this the next Stardew Valley? Kynseed – A first look!



Kynseed is an upcoming 2d sandbox adventure game. As far as upcoming indie games to look out for… I have some high hopes for this one! Kynseed is being made by two developers formerly of Lionhead Studios (the guys responsible for Fable!)

I know, I know… Some die hard haters might be a little bit turned off by that fact.

Ya know, personally, I really enjoyed Fable–it didn’t have quite the grandiosity promised for its morality/consequences systems, but it was still a solid action RPG with some entertaining bits about it. You don’t get a whole lot of games that can really capture whimsy and wonder the way Fable did. Even with its faults, it did feel like you were living in a fairy tale.

Plus… The Soundtrack rocked my socks.

Speaking of: Russel Shaw, the man behind the Fable soundtrack, is also attached to the project! Just listen to this!

Kynseed Soundtrack: Dreamy Day

I’m throwing that onto a playlist and chilling in the sun at some point…

ANYWAY. Back to the game. Kynseed is billed as a 2D sandbox adventure (in the vein of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley) with some lofty goals for the systems that will power our idyllic little world.

One of the most intriguing promises made on the Kickstarter page was that the game would have a memory system for all individuals and animals. Did you steal Bob’s pig when the family needed a little extra food for the winter? Well, Bob may forgive… But Bob doesn’t forget. *Insert Psycho Knife Music Here*

And then there’s the central mechanic–you gon’ die. Not in a Dark Souls-y kind of way, but in a “you-will-age-and-fall-apart” kind of way.

And when it is finally time for your beloved character to kick the bucket, you can pass on your legacy to your children via your family’s Kynseed. It’s like a literal family tree (though, I suspect we won’t see bab-ees growing from it.)

They’ve even got a purveyor of needful things, Mr. Fairweather, who can provide you with interesting items in exchange for years off your life. You might die sooner, but you’ll be damned if that sword doesn’t look fly as hell.

There is also a lot of fun lore/mythology stuff in the making that gives me a distinctly early american/celtic feeling. Which is really awesome considering Kynseed aims to make the lore and superstitions of its world come alive and impact gameplay. So if some old lady tells you to bury a gold coin at a crossroads on the 2nd full moon of the year… Do it!

I haven’t really seen anything about combat or roleplaying elements, but so far it looks like an interesting take on the 2d sandbox genre!

Of course, none of this would mean a damned thing without the most important aspect of the upcoming game thus far: inflatable pigs.



I’m really looking forward to this one! As a big fan of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, I can’t wait to build a more fantasy oriented business and delve into all the little subtleties that the land of Quill has to offer!

We will definitely be keeping an eye on Kynseed going forward! I really hope it can deliver as much as it would like to and I can’t wait to do a proper review once the game is finally released.

And make sure to check it out on Kickstarter or follow them on Twitter @Kynseed


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